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If beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, try giving the beholder something beautiful to behold. It all begins with the clothes you wear. The most notable garment a man wears is his shirt. Choice of shirt can leave a deep impression on people you meet and they can remember you just by the shirt you wear.

It lies in the detail
A double collar shirt has the suave ability to leave the people who see you impressed. Picking such a shirt requires skill and an innate sense of what your body can go well with. This is because a double collar shirt has the intricate detail to it that can leave you confused at choice because of its overlapping two-color and sometimes two pattern double collars. It can also spot different colors on the cuffs and placket. This detail in color means that you ought to get a color combination that complements your skin tone. It should also be able to go well with the trousers you have in your wardrobe. Designer shirts for men also come in a variety of color as well. Both of these shirts can be worn both formally and in smart casual occasions.

Let it be unique

But the most basic step is to get your shirt from renowned designers. It being that enough men are challenged when it comes to finesse in style, it is really important for you to get experts who have the skill to dress you. Designers like UrUnique at offer you unique shirts tailored to leave an impression on whoever should cross your path. After selecting your designer, you ought to know a few things about yourself that will give you the perfect fit.

Knowing your fit

A shirt will be unique to you if it looks like it was made just for you. You must therefore know your neck, wrist and sleeve sizes. You do not want to get caught in a scenario where you are in a stylish shirt that looks like its strangling you or like it's going to pop its buttons any time. You also do not want to look like you are drowning in your shirt. A shirt that fits you brings out your body just right.
What's the occasion?

If you are going to a casual scene, remember to do a shirt that accentuates this occasion. A luxury shirt is laid back and exudes a certain aura of power. IF you are seeking to make an impression or just want to look at ease in that casual environment, try that for size. A summer shirt is the epitome of cheery and let loose. It exudes from you a sense of class while at the same time expressing freedom. If you are looking for shirts that carry these qualities you can find them at

This post is contributed by Tom Jessy on behalf of UrUnique, has a large collection of designer shirts for men online designed by Frank Michel.




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